Hillingdon Carers has launched a new service, in partnership with a carers’ health organisation called Don’t Tone Alone.

This service is aimed to help carers maintain and develop their own health, and is particularly targeted at those carers who might find it difficult to get out of the house, who work or, who care for more than one person, say a parent and a child or spouse.

The Don’t Tone Alone Team are delivering the project, a former young carer established this organisation and all staff, including personal trainers are given very specific training on the needs of carers. Their expertise will ensure that the Healthier Carers Hillingdon Project will develop more independent and healthier carers who will continue to care but in a way that keeps them physically emotionally and mentally healthy.

New opportunities on offer include:
  • Personalised one-to-one training at a venue of your choice, including your home or workplace.
  • Telephone groups run by a qualified coach helping with advice on diet and nutrition, whether you want to gain, lose or just maintain your weight healthily.
  • A programme of wellbeing workshops that cover everything from mindfulness to body image. These will be delivered in the daytime, but repeated in the evening for working carers if there is a demand for this.

Finally, there is the opportunity for a group of lucky carers to receive free training to become a Nordic Walk leader, gym trainer or group facilitator – great for your CV or if you are looking for routes back into employment.

Personal Training Sessions
Carers receive a full assessment of their capabilities and agree to a bespoke training programme that meets their future health needs. This is being delivered by trainers who have either been carers or had training in carer’s issues.
Participating carers receiving personal training can access their sessions at a venue to suit them, whether that be at home, their place of work or another designated location. Personal programmes are designed around individual routines, interests and capabilities. Carers feel engaged, motivated and able to identify improvement in their physical and mental state.
Those who take part on average experience:
  • 95% Improved exercise knowledge
  • 68% Improved ability to perform care tasks
  • 100% Improved physical strength and fitness
  • 78% Improved confidence
  • 98% Improved mental well-being

Phone based healthy eating and weight management groups
These phone calls are arranged at a time to suit the carer (including evening and weekends and lunch breaks).
Motivational teaching techniques with a group of like-minded carers either via telephone conference call or e-mail.
Carers are benefiting from new knowledge and change dietary habits via recipe and healthy eating tips. Ongoing support will be provided via Care Health Champions, leaving carers feeling more in control of their weight and reporting desired weight loss or gain outcomes.
  • Session 1 – Introductions
  • Session 2 – Emotions, habits and food
  • Session 3 – What the body needs: Get the most out of your calories
  • Session 4 – Planning for small changes
  • Session 5 – Salt, Alcohol and Hydration
  • Session 6 – Exercise, Physical Activity and Eating to refuel

Comprehensive Health & Wellbeing workshops
These workshops are being delivered in 1.5 hour sessions. Each workshop will be running twice, one during the daytime and the second of an evening or weekend giving carers a much wider choice to be able to access the workshops.
  • Breaking down barriers to health and fitness
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Ageing and Well-being
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Body Image: The way we view our bodies

Attending the sessions does not commit you to any further involvement, but we are hoping that when you see all of the wonderful things on offer you will be attracted to taking up something that will make you feel better and more able to cope with life as a carer.

If you are interested in taking part contact Jane or Nadia on 01895 811206