Talking to other people who are in a similar situation can be a great help when you are feeling stressed. Not everyone finds this easy but it may be a surprise to find that others feel the same way as you.

If you can, talk to your family and friends as well. Just talking about how you feel and getting it out into the open, can make you feel better. Sharing your feelings and problems with those close to you may mean that they realise that you need more help from them.

Here are our factsheets containing information with regard to your good health:

Wednesday Carers Group
Are you a carer of someone with mental health, perhaps you are a carer experiencing mental health due to your caring role.
The Wednesday Carers Group is peer-led and they meet on the first and third Wednesday of every month at Fassnidge Memorial Hall, High Street Uxbridge, from 1:00-3:00pm.
Why not come along and talk to the group about caring for someone with mental health problems.

For out-of-hours urgent advice and crisis support,
please contact
CNWL NHS 0800 0234 650

CNWL Recovery and Wellbeing Courses in Hillingdon from September - December 2019
The college provides a range of courses and workshops designed to:
  • Help people develop their skills and understanding
  • Help people identify personal goals and ambitions
  • Create a fun, positive and safe environment for learning and exploring recovery
  • Give people the confidence and support to access opportunities and resources available to them.
Please book with the Recovery and Wellbeing College:
online at or ring 0203 214 5686