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Registered Charity No. 1082297
A Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England & Wales, Number: 04041290

All information given to us is treated in the strictest confidence and no details are passed on to any other organisation or agency without permission to do so.

 Complaints Procedure

At Hillingdon Carers we try to give each Carer the very best service. Occasionally things can go wrong. If you have a complaint, which cannot be resolved by talking to the member of staff concerned, please phone (01895 811206) or write to the Chief Executive.

We welcome any suggestions, comments or improvements we can make to our service.

Hillingdon Carers Team

 Sally Chandler : Chief Executive


Julie Simmonds : Carers Advisor
Pami Singh :  Carers Advisor
Denise Kelliher :  Carers Advisor
Madeleine Jarvis : Carers Information Co ordinator


Nicola Jeffries :  Carers Health Liaison Worker
Jagwant Madahar : Carers Wellbeing Support Worker
Nadia Evans :  Carers Wellbeing Support Worker


Jo Burns :  Young Carers Activities Co-ordinator
Paula Pritchard :  Young Carers ‘SPACE’ Support Worker
Carole Goodall : Young Carers Support Worker
Martin Cater: Young Carers Worker
Anthony Hills: Young Carers Sessional Worker
Tara Hicks: Young Carers Sessional Worker


Julie Moody :  Office Manager
Jane Farwell : Finance Manager

 Board of Directors

  • Doreen West — Chair
  • Aylene Pierce — Vice chair
  • Mohamed Damji  — Treasurer
  • Sarveesh Sang
  • Chhinder Dhiman
  • Mohinder Virdee
  • Aegon Welsh
  • John Major
  • Cllr Judith Cooper – Observer – Carers Champion
  • Cllr Beulah East – Observer


We would like to thank all our funders, supporters and volunteers.
Our work would not have been possible without their support.

Hillingdon Carers is an independent charity that delivers a wide range of local support services to meet the needs of carers in London Borough of Hillingdon.

Hillingdon Carers Video




Hillingdon Carers Video – To view the Hillingdon Carers video, click on the image on the left (will open in a new window)


We can provide:

  • Information and advice about all issues affecting carers, including benefits, breaks, respite and support services, carer assessment procedures, aids and adaptations
  • Emotional support for carers to talk through their concerns, thus helping to alleviate isolation and stress.
  • Community consultation – carers need a unified voice in any locality to ensure that they have an impact on decision-making. By working with other agencies and consulting carers, Hillingdon Carers can have an influence on local policy, planning procedures and outcomes.
  • Advocacy – at tribunals, assessments, case reviews, assistance to access funds and services, or whenever a carer needs a friend or supporter
  • Practical help – befriending, breaks, benefits advice
  • Training and education – in skills often needed by carers, such as moving and handling, first aid, from personal development to stress reduction through relaxation and counselling.
  • Fun – time out, breaks, the opportunity to enjoy a social life, taking into account carers special needs and sense of isolation

Our Services:

–      Information, Advice and Support

for carers of all ages includes drop-in Advice Centre for Carers in Uxbridge, website/Facebook/Twitter, written information, provision of Carer Advisor’s, benefit checks, advocacy, home visiting service, availability at venues across the borough.

–      Health and Wellbeing Services

for adult carers includes GP outreach service, advocacy with health services, development work with health services, drop-in cafes for carers, relaxation sessions, counselling, arts courses, training for carers, step up support to access other leisure services.

–      Young Carers Services

includes 1-1 support, specialist support for children and young people affected by substance misuse of an adult, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday Clubs for fun activities with other young carers and learning opportunities, school holiday activities, residential breaks, advocacy with education and training providers.



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