Providing care for a loved one should not cost carers their mental and physical health. Sadly however we know that caring can be emotional and physical draining and many carers experience significant stress caused by the nature and extent of their caring responsibilities.
Carers tell us that the impact of caring is not just physical, they have increased levels of anxiety, depression, stress and poor sleep patterns; these are often intensified by social isolation and loneliness.

Here are a few things you should think about:

Eat properly
As a carer, eating a balanced diet is essential to provide your
body with all the nutrients it needs. A balanced diet will keep
your bodystrong and give you enough energy for yourself and
help you to provide the best care for the person you are caring
Factsheet: Healthy eating
Look after yourself emotionally
Caring can be hard sometimes, and many carers can get
depressed or anxious. Speak to someone - us, other carers,
friends or family members - about how you feel. Tell your
doctor if you’re feeling low and ask what help they can give
Factsheet: Managing anxiety and depression

Get a good night’s sleep
We understand this is sometimes easy to say and difficult to
achieve. However, getting plenty of rest is important to your
long-term health and well-being.
Factsheet: Better sleep

Don’t become isolated or feel alone
Get in touch with other carers or other people with
interests similar to yours. We have five Carers Cafes
around the borough. If it’s difficult to get out, you could
join an online group if you have access to a computer.
Factsheet: Loneliness and social isolation

Feel Good Factor

We have a range of exercise sessions in uxbridge that are fun, friendly and a great way of combatting aches, pains and tiredness. Come along to one of our sessions, meet other carers and have some time for you?
Classes are held at Watts Hall, Christ Church, Uxbridge on alternate Thursdays 1:30-3:00pm.
There is no need to book, just drop in.

Light refreshments are provided afterwards so you can share your stories, successes or questions with other carers.

Carers Yoga
Keep yourself mobile and your body flexible with Jodi

Carers Chair Exercise
Gentle exercise while sitting with Alison

Carers Training

We know that becoming a carer can often happen suddenly and unexpectedly and as many as one in three people have experienced - or will experience - caring responsibilities at some point in their lives.
When you do find yourself caring - and often providing very personal care, or undertaking activities that health professionals train for a long time to learn - nobody gives you a manual.

Our carer training programme seeks to give you some of those skills, or those that will help to protect your own health, such as moving and handling people with limited mobility without damaging your back.

Moving & Handling

Carers may find themselves moving people in conditions which are less than ideal, with little or no equipment or when working alone. This puts a strain on their back and reduces the ability to
carry on caring.
Next session is:

Basic First Aid
Learn the key stages of first aid procedures.
These are when someone is choking, has severe bleeding, is having a heart attack, is unconscious and breathing or unconscious and not breathing.

​​​​Next session is: Wednesday 21 November 10am-12:30pm

Paediatric First Aid for Parent Carers looking after young children

A qualified paediatric nurse will be providing a small group of carers with better insights to their childrens health.
It is a 2-hour course which will cover subjects such as:
Defibrillator awareness
♦ Recovery position
♦ Choking
♦ Burns
♦ Bleeding
♦ Febrile convulsions
♦ Meningitis and sepsis

Next session is: Wednesday 6 March 2019


What is Leisure Link?

The Hillingdon Leisure Link provides savings on leisure activities to a wide range of concessionary groups.
From as little as £2, you are able to use any of the leisure centres in the Hillingdon borough. Over 65 swimming is FREE. Click here for more information.

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