Receiving news that a family member's health condition is terminal is one of the hardest situations to come to terms with.
If your cared for still has full control of their mind and is able to make sound deciisions, it is vital to talk to them about putting their affairs in order.
This is important if they have been diagnosed in the early stages of Dementia or Alzheimer's as their condition will deteriorate over time.

Here is a checklist of the important things to think about:

Legal and financial matters - Don't leave it in chaos - Make a will or apply for Lasting Power of Attorney
Organ donation - Make sure the person has agreed to this
End of life care - Consider the kind of care towards the end of life
Funeral plans - Have you thought about a burial or cremation? What about hymns, readings or music?

Tell Us Once Service

When someone dies you will need to notify a number of different government departments and local services with a lot of similar information. The Tell Us Once service makes this process much easier.

The Local Authority has more information on their website to help with this: Tell Us Once Service

Hillingdon Carers factsheet: When Caring ends

Bereavement Counselling

There are several organisations that offer counselling after bereavement plus through your GP

  • Harlington Hospice Bereavement Service (Hillingdon Mind)

Telephone: 01895 271559 option 2
Available to any adults who have experienced a bereavement.

  • Harlington Hospice Child Bereavement (Hillingdon Mind)

Telephone: 01895 271559 option 2
Available to bereaved children age 4 to 17 yrs.

  • Oncology and palliative care clinical psychology service

Telephone: 01895 279374
Available to the carers / relatives of patients who died under the care of the clinical psychology service.

  • Hillingdon Talking Therapies

Telephone: 01895 206800
Available to any adult.

  • Halo Children's Foundation
    Telephone: 07903 709622
    Halo is a children's foundation that supports children and families with bereavement.
  • Child Bereavement UK

Telephone: 0800 02 888 40
Outreach service in Ruislip one day per week supporting individuals or couples after the death of a child

  • Dovetail Bereavement Support Group

Telephone: 07503 772428
If you have been affected by bereavement in any way, you are welcome to join us for a coffee and chat to others with
similar experiences.