Our sense of wellbeing is often affected by small changes in life and caring can often lead to significant life changes such as having to give up work, loss of social networks, being unable to pursue hobbies and past times and a reduced family income,
or – in the worst cases – financial hardship.

We have developed a range of services that help you to stay connected, enjoy some much-deserved time out and, in difficult times, provide you with more intensive emotional support such as counselling.

Our services include:

  • Therapeutic Care for Carers
    Working in partnership with therapists from Harlington Hospice, we are now offering the wider range of therapeutic care for carers.
    In addition to the already established Comfort Touch (gentle, seated, over-the-clothes hand , arm and shoulder massage), members can now also choose to have a course of complementary therapy.
    All the therapies can be accessed through the weekly Therapeutic Care for Carers sessions and are free of charge.
    We are also offering courses of Wellbeing workshops throughout the year which are designed to teach simple techniques that can be used at home to help with improving ability to relax , cope and sleep plus generally improve wellbeing.

  • Complimentary Therapies
    All complementary therapies are pleasant and relaxing to receive and can help with reducing anxiety, aiding relaxation, easing aches and pains and improving sleep.
    The therapies currently on offer:
  • Aromatherapy uses essential oils specifically blended for the effect you want to achieve. They can be used for emotional and psychological support, to address a specific problem such as pain or insomnia or, more usually, a combination of both. They are usually applied in massage
  • Massage and Indian Head massage manipulates muscles and soft tissues and can be particularly useful in helping to relieve the pain in head, neck and shoulders associated with stress and anxiety
  • Reflexology is a specific massage technique usually practised on the soles of the feet but can also be done on the palms of the hands. By working on these areas the reflexologist can treat the whole body. This is a relaxing yet energising treatment and has proven benefit in the treatment of unspecific lower back pain
  • Reiki is a gentle therapy that works to balance and harmonise the energy field of a person. The Reiki therapist may lay their hands gently on the body or they may work with their hands off the body in the energy field. Very relaxing to receive, it can help to reduce anxiety, improve energy levels, clear the mind and aid restful sleep

  • Counselling
    Being a carer is often hard work and stressful, and you probably find that your needs take second place. Counselling is a chance to focus on you and think about what you want.
    A counsellor is a qualified listener who can help you think about your situation, look at your options, and find ways to cope. When you talk to a counsellor you will get the chance to explore your feelings, including your relationship with the person you care for. They can help you find your own solutions and make decisions about your life.
    Anything you say to your counsellor is usually confidential, only if you say something that suggests you or someone else maybe at significant risk.
  • Arts for Carers
    Courses might include ceramics, painting, guitar lessons, glass-painting and cake-decorating. Check the newsletter for updates.
    "The 'Arts for Carers' course was a wonderful escape from the stress and pressures of caring. It took me to another place and it was wonderful!"