Hillingdon Carers is a national Network Partner of Carers Trust, an organisation that brings together carers services from across the UK. The national organisation produces a range of resources for carers, campaigns for carers’ rights on the national stage and facilitates shared learning across Network members. Being a Network member brings us many advantages, including access to grants, policy digests, support with collective challenges such as impact measurement and the opportunity to learn from other Carers’ Centres in the region.

High quality services are Hillingdon Carers trademark and we need to ensure we can sustain our reputation for excellence and continue to grow the range of support services we offer in very challenging financial times.

Hillingdon Carers have a strong track record of working in partnership and we believe that the development of new partnerships and collaborations will help to share shrinking resources and promote a more coordinated programme of support across our diverse neighbourhoods. We work with a wide range of partners but our main arrangements are detailed here.

Hillingdon Carers Partnership
H4All.org.uk Carers Trust.org
Turberville Solicitors.co.uk CNWL,NHS.uk Dont Tone Alone.co.uk ​​​​​​​