Madhuri Kotecha - Dementia Support Worker

Hillingdon Dementia Support provided by Alzheimer's Society Caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's

Tel: 01923 842444

Dementia support workers offer information and practical guidance to help understand dementia, cope with day-to-day challenges and prepare for the future. This includes helping you to access other support services, help you feel supported and maintain independence, choice and control over your caring role. They offer support face to face, over the phone or in writing.

The Alzheimer's have addressed the feelings of guilt when caring for someone with dementia. Many carers feel like they are not helping enough or struggle to accept support from others. They may get frustrated and wish for time away but later feel guilty about their feelings.
'If you feel angry or frustrated, you might occasionally have angry outbursts towards the person you're caring for. Many carers find it hard to forgive themselves in this situation. Try to remember that caring can be very stressful, and anger or frustration is natural. At times when you do find yourself becoming angry or frustrated, it can help to leave the room for a while to allow things to settle'.

There are several cafes for people with dementia where you can take the person you care for and meet other carers for information and support:

Dementia Cafes
These cafes provides information about living with dementia and other services available locally in an informal and comfortable environment. The Cafés is also a place to relax, socialise and meet other people with dementia and their carers.
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Harlington Hospice

Harlington Hospice also provides a comprehensive Caring with Confidence
course for those of you who are supporting someone who has been diagnosed with dementia. These are really beneficial and valuable courses.

The person you care for can be looked after and given fun activities with Harlington Hospice Caring with confidence
staff whilst the course takes place and you can both stay for a three course hot lunch together afterwards.
Transport can be provided if you might find it difficult to get there.
Please call Nadia for further information.

Boris Johnson at a Tovertafel Magic Table Sessions / Tovertafel
London Borough of Hillingdon
Interactive light games for people living with dementia and their family/carers
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Friends' Coffee Mornings Friends' Coffee Mornings
London Borough of Hillingdon in partnership with Hillingdon Carers
No need to book, just pop in
We offer activities including: singing, reminiscence, art, and dementia advice and support.
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Younger onset Dementia
London Borough of Hillingdon
This is a dementia group for those suffering with dementia under 65.

This session meets the needs of residents who said they felt disconnected from the existing dementia coffee mornings, which were more focused on older residents.

Dementia Friendly Walks
Norman Leddy Garden Walks

Meet at the Beck Theatre, Grange Road, Hayes
A slow paced walk that is ideal for people with dementia.
They last up to 30 minutes and cover flat ground or gentle slopes with mainly firm sufaces and no steps.

Monthly walks on a Tuesdays from 1:30pm (depending on weather)
Contact Sarah Durner on 01895 277137

Men's Shed Hillingdon Men's Shed
An ideal place for men with dementia to meet, socialise and enjoy practical and creative activities.
Rural Activities Garden Centre, Hillingdon - Wednesday 1:30-4:00pm - (woodwork and trellis making)
Contact Julia Heggie on 01895 277151 or to arrange a visit.

Dementia Friendly Film Screening Hayes Beck Theatre
The Beck Theatre is delighted to launch a series of dementia friendly film screenings in a safe and relaxed environent for those with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease and their family and carers.
Cinemas can provide a powerful way to reconnect with memories.
A dementia friendly screening is tailored to make those living with dementia feel comfortable and safe with house lights remaining on low, the option to sing, talk or move around throughout the film, plenty of
clear signage and our friendly staff and ushers on hand to help at all times.
There will also be time after the film for free tea and biscuits and the opportunity to talk about the film with others.
Monday 9 March
Monday 8 June
Monday 3 August
Monday 19 October
Tickets £4.00 Carers free of charge
Call the Box Office on 020 8561 8371 to book your place

Dementia Friendly Film Screening at the Compass Theatre
With a range of movies from different eras and genres, screenings will provide a safe and relaxed environment,
where attendees can sing, talk or move around during the film.
Thursday 12 March
Thursday 23 April
Thursday 18 June
Thursday 30 July
The Young Ones - Starring Cliff Richard Genevieve Guys and Dolls Evita
Tickets £4.00 Carers free of charge
Call the Box Office on 01895 250 to book your place

Dementia Friendly Film Screening at Botwell Library
Thursday 7 May at 6pm - TBC
Thursday 6 August at 6pm - TBC
Thursday 5 November at 2pm - TBC
Please call the library on
01895 250615 for more infomation or to book your place

Hillingdon Dementia Action Alliance Hillingdon Dementia Action Alliance
Hillingdon Council and the Hillingdon Alzheimer's Society have come together to set up the
Hillingdon Dementia Action Alliance.

The aim is to create a dementia-friendly community in Hillingdon, where there is a greater awareness and understanding of dementia. We want individuals with dementia, and their carers to feel supported to remain independent and have choice and control over their lives.
All information and more available

Dementia Friendly Assistance Service Shopping Centre in Uxbridge

Intu Uxbridge Shopping Centre are offering a dementia friendly assistance service to make your shopping experience better.
Starting from 29 April, you can book a two hour slot to have the person with dementia looked after or an assistant to help you with your personal shop.
Every Monday - to book a two hour slot call Intu Uxbridge on 01895 817531
Alzheimer's Society staff
Hillingdon Carers Centre, 126 High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1JT
Contact: Madhuri on 01895 811206 or Julia on 01923 842444