e know that becoming a carer can often happen suddenly and unexpectedly and as many as one in three people have experienced - or will experience - caring responsibilities at some point in their lives.

When you do find yourself caring - and often providing very personal care, or undertaking activities that health professionals train for a long time to learn - nobody gives you a manual.

Our carer training programme seeks to give you some of those skills, or those that will help to protect your own health, such as moving and handling people with limited mobility without damaging your back.

We offer training in:

Moving & Handling as carers may find themselves moving people in conditions which are less than ideal, with little or no equipment or when working alone. This puts a strain on their back and reduces the ability to carry on caring.
Friday 9 February 2018 - 10:15am-12:30pm - Hillingdon Carers Centre
Wednesday 2 May
Thursday 9 August
Wednesday 7 November

Basic First Aid is to learn the key stages of first aid procedures. These are when someone is choking, has severe bleeding, is having a heart attack, is unconscious and breathing or unconscious and not breathing
Friday 2 February 2018 - 10:00am-12:30pm - Hillingdon Carers Centre
Wednesday 16 May
Wednesday 1 August
Wednesday 21 November

Wheelchair Training is available to help those who have to maintain the person they care for mobility during caring. Topics include Safety for wheelchair use for either person, correct positioning of wheelchair user and loading wheelchair into a vehicle.

Please call Jane on 01895 811206 to book your place

Harlington Hospice, also provides a comprehensive Caring with Confidence course
for those of you who are supporting someone who has been diagnosed with dementia.
These are really beneficial and valuable courses.
The person you care for can be looked after and given fun activities with Harlington Hospice staff whilst the course takes place and you can both stay for a three course hot lunch together afterwards.
Transport can be provided if you might find it difficult to get there.
Dates to be advised for 2017/2018
Please call Nadia for further information.

Hillingdon Carers has been awarded The BackCare Community Champion The BackCare Community Champion
award in acknowledgement for our commitment to back pain prevention within our carers training.