First Aid
Learn the basics to help you and your family around the home
Wednesday 20 November
Christ Church, Uxbridge

Looking after your back
Help the person you care for maintain mobility whilst reducing
the risk of injury to yourself

Thursday 31 October
Christ Church, Uxbridge

Moving and Handling
A more detailed session including how to use medical equipment
Dates to be confirmed
Medequip, Harmondsworth

Call Lynne on 01895 811206 for more information
or to book your place

Working for Carers

Do you want to go back to work?
Trying to get back to work after caring can be very daunting.
We can help you to build your current skills and confidence.

Working for Carers offers employment and
training advice for unpaid carers aged 25 and
over living in London.
In Hillingdon, you can access:
One-to-one advice and support
Workshops and group sessions
Employment, volunteering and
training opportunities

Contact Pami on 01895 811206
for more information

Giving you the confidence to care
Caring with confidence courses are for those of you who are
supporting someone who has been diagnosed with dementia.
They are really beneficial and valuable courses.
“ It gave me information I did not know and it was great that
my mother could come with me.”
The person you care for can be looked after and given fun
activities with Harlington Hospice staff whilst the course takes
place and you can both stay for afternoon tea afterwards.
Transport can be provided if you might find it difficult to get there.
Please call Harlington Hospice
on 0208 759 0453 to book your place